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First off, I want to say, I am a HUGE fan of FREE Search. However, Search Engine Marketing (PPC or Paid Search) is a wonderful thing, if executed correctly.

Before you venture into the “deep waters” of  SEM, make sure you have a valid reason for doing so. If one of below does not fill your requirement, you are probably wasting your time and money.


Site awareness – It offers quicker first page SERP visibility than organic (free) search engine optimization. Unless you have a specific call to action (CTA) that offsets a higher bid price, I recommend you should accept the default (low) bid price. You will still have your ad on page 1 and it will not kill your budget

Instant presence – This point is closely related to above. The biggest benefit of a paid search campaign is that you can easily “shut out” your competition by making the highest bid price and/or buying multiple ad space. Those spots at the top usually get the bulk of the SEM traffic.

Targeting – Unlike organic search, you can really target your audience through a combination of keyword selection and good ad copywriting. Remember getting your targeted audience to visit your website is more than half the battle

Next make sure you have ALL of the following:

1. Definite goal – just getting visitors to your site, is NOT a goal. Making a sale or generating a lead is a goal.

2. Define target – if you fail to do this you are really really really (that’s 3 folks), throwing your money away. Know your target!

3. Good Copy – Make sure that your advertisement copy speaks to your target audience; watch out for copy character limits for not only your overall copy but especially your headline.

Finally, monitor results, daily but only make changes weekly. Your results, can tell you what works and what does not work. You can change your spending and ad copy to achieve good results, 3-5% click through rate to your site.

Hope this helps



Welcome to my world.

If you are fan or user of online marketing, specifically about search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and thousands of pretenders – you have come to the right place.

To steal an item from one of my favorite movies, “Citizen Kane”‘, I too have a “Declaration of Principles”. Kane’s main one was “I will provide the people of this city with a daily paper that will tell all the news honestly”. Mine is similar, “I will provide readers of this blog with the truth about online marketing and its various dimensions”.

This format is cool, because I get more characters. When I tweet, it limits me… damn do I hate that. So I get to use this blog as a better pulpit to preach from . So get ready for hopefully a lot of amens.

To start, I want to say I am a trained, multi-certified Search Engine Optimization professional and MBA. Lots of plaques on the wall from multiple universities and professional organizations. Add the education with my 25+ years experience in IT dealing with Internet Protocol technologies (yes, before Al Gore invented the Internet), sales and marketing applications and running several businesses (experiencing success and failures) is the reason I get to call myself an Online Marketing Expert. I hope you will agree.

So stop by frequently, I hope to inspire, educate and stimulate debate about all things Online Marketing.