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The new world of social media has caused a tremendous amount of confusion mistrusts and chaos.
The amount of information that is floating around the Internet has been overwhelming to the average individual.
It’s amazing that what used to be 6° of separation as recently as 2007 has now become 4.74° of separation, everyone is connected to everyone else.
Through these connections and the ability of anyone to  voice any opinion, comment or “mind fart”, everyone has  become an influencer.
Unfortunately, as Jack Nicholas so eloquently stated in the film, A Few Good Men – “you can’t handle the truth”. Even more unfortunate, is that we don’t want to know the truth.
People use search engines every day, in fact, there are 2 million searches per minute on Google every day. We search for information, we find information yet we do not properly filter the information we receive. We have become a lazy society when 99% of us refuse to go past the first page in any search engine results. With that said, the ability to control search engine results  gives one the true ability to control the informational flow.

What this means is simple; controlling the flow, controls the presentation ,controls the thoughts, and therefore controls the actions.
If you want to be heard, if you want to be believed, if you want to sell a product, service or even a principal then control your search engine position

Search Marketing is the great equalizer !



Wow! Has it really boiled down to this, 140 characters!

There are many that think Twitter, a micro-blogging social media service that is the new “hotness” and answers the question, “What are you doing right now?” can change their business.

The reality is, you can NOT tweet your way to a successful sales target. Potentially it would take thousands of those small messages to influence anyone. THOUSANDS!

There is over 200 Million tweets per day, a zillion characters cluttering cyberspace with mundane comments ranging from things like “what did I just eat”, “where I am going” to even the state of my intestinal condition.  Your business has to compete with that, and the thousands of people just farted and want you to know that.

Past studies have demonstrated that a range of 20-50 tweets per day is effective, with 22 being the “sweet spot”. That number may sound reasonable; however, the studies were conducted when there were less than 100 million tweets per day. So, the playing field has changed to the top of the range. My point is, it’s a fast moving target, Twitter hit 50 million tweets per day in February 2010, less than 18 months ago.

Unfortunately, you have to play the game, you HAVE to tweet. Just understand that your goal should NOT be based on growing sales but on building awareness for your brand. It will be a slow process, but necessary to get exposure and influence your overall online reputation and search marketing goals.

Live long and Tweet!


The common theme with most Sci-Fi movies and television shows is that the universe is full of English speaking alien life forms that evenly end up on earth. Earthlings are always on alert because “they are out there”. That theme should be carried forward in developing an Online Reputation Management strategy for your organization.

Your organization should be constantly aware of all Internet “chatter” and monitor it across multiple online platforms. These platforms include search engines, RSS feeds, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube etc.), bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, Reddit etc.) and customer reviews sites (Angie’s List, Yelp etc.)

I see it on an everyday basis; clients are worried about their Search Engine placement because they are focused on revenues and ignore the same results that may trend negative because they neglect basic ORM practices.  It was once written that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, well now, an Internet blog, tweet or comment is mightier than a nuclear bomb.

Hopefully this is not news to you – the Internet is not erasable – just ask Andrew Weiner, Mark Foley, or Paris Hilton however it is containable.  The point is, your organization needs an Online Reputation Management strategy because potential naysayers “are out there”.

Almost all website owners recognize the advantages of utilizing some kind of a Search engine optimizing (SEO). The common belief is SEO is simply the task of ensuring you get your Internet site rated highly within the search engine results pages (SERP). For the most part, that is right; yet there is a different facet of Search engine optimization that sometimes is unnoticed, the usage of SEO as a tool for Online Reputation Management.
Consider this, if you can control the search engine results, you can control the amount of information about your website. Control the presentation, then you control the perception. Simply use Search Engine Optimization to push unfavorable information about your business off the first page of the search engine results and you will have a direct influence on what is presented. It is that simple, since 99% of all search engine users do NOT venture beyond the first page of the SERP.

Welcome to my world.

If you are fan or user of online marketing, specifically about search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and thousands of pretenders – you have come to the right place.

To steal an item from one of my favorite movies, “Citizen Kane”‘, I too have a “Declaration of Principles”. Kane’s main one was “I will provide the people of this city with a daily paper that will tell all the news honestly”. Mine is similar, “I will provide readers of this blog with the truth about online marketing and its various dimensions”.

This format is cool, because I get more characters. When I tweet, it limits me… damn do I hate that. So I get to use this blog as a better pulpit to preach from . So get ready for hopefully a lot of amens.

To start, I want to say I am a trained, multi-certified Search Engine Optimization professional and MBA. Lots of plaques on the wall from multiple universities and professional organizations. Add the education with my 25+ years experience in IT dealing with Internet Protocol technologies (yes, before Al Gore invented the Internet), sales and marketing applications and running several businesses (experiencing success and failures) is the reason I get to call myself an Online Marketing Expert. I hope you will agree.

So stop by frequently, I hope to inspire, educate and stimulate debate about all things Online Marketing.