Google PageRank: Is It Worth The Grief

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Online Marketing
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Probably if you are reading this you are already aware of definition of Google PageRank.

However, for those who may have missed that boring lecture (no given by me), I will put it in easy terms; it’s a Google ONLY way of rating your website (on a scale of 0-10) based on content and the content of the other site that you link to and are linked to you.

Many webmasters and SEO experts live and die by chasing the holy grail of high PageRank (PR). They worry about it and some even try to predict when the next “holy” PageRank update will occur. To those folks, I “tip my hat”, and focus on how my clients websites can pass them in search engine results pages (serp).

Why, because it’s a waste of time. They expend too much effort, in a proverbial pissing contest. PageRank at BEST is used as a tie breaker in serps, so why focus so much energy on it. Also, remember, it’s a Google exclusive, Yahoo and Bing (yes, I know they have low market share), don’t give a rat’s ass about it.

PageRank (aka Google Love) only matters from the online marketing viewpoint, if you are selling links to external sites or just want bragging rights. Fact is, unless you have the Google toolbar installed on your browser (or use a SEO tool), you NEVER know a site’s PR.

My point is, focus on all the other things that are important to getting your pages high in the search engines. Although it may be an honorable activity, don’t lose any sleep over PageRank, your efforts around relevant and fresh content for your website, will take care of the PR. The most important thing is to get found in the search engine results pages, that is what influences your online marketing efforts and sales revenue.

I think most will agree, if not, I welcome your rants


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