Search Engines: What Does Love Have To Do With It

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Online Marketing
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Wow, made you look…….

Seriously, in the world of online marketing, regarding search engines, most businesses make a critical misjudgment. They fall in love with their websites.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing too severely wrong with that. It’s just that if you do, you miss out on every becoming numero uno in a search engine result pages (SERP). Before you start typing in comments, let me explain the reason.

Being ranked highly in SERP depends on one thing, love. You have to love the search engines, not your website, not your customer. It’s a fine line, but you have to take the “flamingo approach” to your website and search engines. I explain the concept in more depth in an article, Small Business Owners Guide To Successful Online Marketing, but in brief you have to “attract the search engines.

You have to “show your colors and strut your stuff’ for the search engines. Lure those search engine spiders and bots to your website, by constantly “flashing” them with keywords, relevant content and links. Make them beg and come back often for more!

Don’t get me wrong, your website should be focused, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and have high usability standards but if no one can find it, you have to face the obvious ‘what good is it?”

Show the search engines some love, and they will show it back.


  1. You can have both. Imagine if you have a beautiful website for a high end resort, and it’s just that – not very search friendly… and then another resort nearby, same beaches, same pricing has a search ranked website – aesthetically, it’s a dog. The search takes you to the dog and the customer can’t imagine themselves there because the “brand essence” of the site is actually tricking you – it delivered you to the site, but the site was unappealing and you left. Both lose. Now, balance brand with search and you win – aesthetically please, but search ranked high… heavy seo, gorgeous brand and imagery.