Google Plays with My Emotions

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Online Marketing
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The title says it all.

If you have EVER tried to get your site high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Especially if its YOUR site and not a client.

Even with my professional SEO skills, first page appearance, requires a lot of diligence, sweat, tears and swearing ( more times than I would like to admit). I lot of people think SEO is a “cookie cutter” process, just follow steps 1-4 and its “all good”. That’s some B.S., if so EVERY  website would take turns at number 1, every time you hit refresh. Others think it’s a matter of money, just throw some bucks at it, and magically you are number 1. If that was the case, every major corporation would own the number 1 spot also.  Thoughts like make me put on boots because the B.S. is becoming waist-high in here.

You do your best SEO work, and you keep doing it, until you break through. Then you do it some more, because just like in the kiddie game “King of the Hill”, some one trying to knock you off.

Google (and my friends at Bing and Yahoo) toys with us. You can be #4 in Google and #36 in Yahoo at the same time, how is that, especially if you follow your process that worked before. The truth is there are so many combination and permutations to the SERP that it will drive you crazy. So focus on doing the right thing, with keyword selection,  good content, traffic and back links and the rest with take care of itself.

I tell my clients (and anyone else that will listen), that I will get their sites to page one, I will NEVER make a top 3 promise, and I tell you now… walk away from anyone who does. Once you get to page one, continue the process and avoid making yourself suffer from Obsessive–compulsive disorder by checking the SERP every 3-4 hours (I already did it to myself… LMAO).

And that page rank thing, ahhh nevermind, thats for another discussion.

Fight Back… don’t let Google play with your emotions


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